28-05-2018 | Paulo Nozolino launches new book with the National Press

The National Press presents the second volume of the Ph. Series, dedicated to Paulo Nozolino, a central figure in the contemporary photography.

He was born in Lisbon, studied in London and moved to Paris in the 80's: it was by traveling that he discovered his vocation as a photographer. From an attentive look, he interprets the universe that surrounds him in a crude and frontal way, exploring themes such as death, cruelty and violence through a black and white reading.


Paulo Nozolino has been the target of numerous mentions and prizes, such as the National Grand Prize of Photography (2006); the Portuguese Society of Authors Award (2013) and Villa Médicis (1994) in France.


The Ph Series is a collection of monographs of contemporary Portuguese photographers, bilingual, that intends to make known the work of authors, with texts of experts, presenting the expanded and multiple territories of Photography. With texts by Sérgio Mah and Rui Nunes, the book covers the work of Paulo Nozolino since the 1970s with several pieces of work carried out in his many journeys and stays in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Africa.


This collection has the editorial direction of Cláudio Garrudo, who foresees to release two volumes per year.

Sérgio Mah refers to the work of the photographer as "deeply experimental and meditative, poetic and dionysian, which reveals a sensitive visuality to the forms of pathos." Photography is assumed as a privileged mean of expressing and organizing his restless and dramatic vision of the world".


Sérgio Mah also recalls a brief but revealing text, written in 2011, where the photographer states: "I've always been on the edge of nowhere. The impression of living in a non-time. Every little joy felt was soon past and every dream of the future seemed already like a memory [...]. Photography allowed me to travel and see the difference between the possible and the impossible. I could keep without possessing, remembering without worry of forgetting, surviving instead of living. Above all, know that everything has a story, each story two versions, each version its past. "



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